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Get Compute

The Gridcoin Network provides a free, baseline payout to your crunchers.
Draw extra compute power to your project by 'raining' GRC on your workforce.

Add Your Project to Gridcoin

Let the world's largest BOINC team work for you

  1. SET UP YOUR BOINC SERVER- The BOINC software is provided by the University of California, Berkeley, entirely free of charge. It is able to distribute units of work packaged in Docker images to your volunteer base. For more information on getting a BOINC server set up and running, please visit the BOINC Wiki Server Intro.
  2. APPLY TO HAVE YOUR PROJECT WHITELISTED- The Gridcoin community maintains a whitelist of projects eligible for reward. This system is in place to prevent shell projects being set up to harvest GRC, and ensure that selected projects will be able to make use of the considerable compute power Team Gridcoin brings to bear. You can request help getting your project whitelisted in any of the official community channels.
  3. LET THE TEAM COME TO YOU - Once your project is whitelisted, the Gridcoin community will find you and start running your work units.
  4. KEEP THE TEAM UPDATED- If your project is due to run out of work for an extended period of time, let the Gridcoin community know. They will initiate a vote to greylist your project, effectively maintaining your whitelist status, but making your project ineligible for reward until new work is made available. Once your project is generating new work, it can be returned to the whitelist within 24 hours.

Boost Your Project

Attract even more participants with "rain"

  1. INSTALL THE GRC WALLET- To distribute funds among your users, you will need to install the Gridcoin wallet and load it with funds. Installation instructions for the wallet can be found on the Invest Page.
  2. REWARD YOUR CRUNCHERS- The Gridcoin network will automatically distribute 50,000 GRC on a daily basis, evenly distributed between all whitelisted projects. To pull in a larger share of Team Gridcoin's compute power, you are able to 'rain' GRC on your workforce through your wallet. This 'rain' is divided among your users based on their relative contribution, and thus attracts users to your project to earn their share of the rain.

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