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Projects are added or removed from the whitelist through community polls.


Unravel the mysteries of the cosmos.

  • Asteroids@home - Uses photometric measurements of asteroids observed by professional big all-sky surveys as well as 'backyard' astronomers. The data is processed using the lightcurve inversion method and a 3D shape model of an asteroid together with the rotation period and the direction of the spin axis are derived.
  • Cosmology@home - Help search for the model which best describes our Universe and to find the range of models that agree with available cosmological and particle physics data.
  • Einstein@home - Search for gravitational waves from spinning isolated compact objects (among which are pulsars) using data from the LIGO gravitational wave detector.
  • Milkyway@home - Help create a highly accurate three dimensional model of the Milky Way galaxy using data gathered by the Sloan Digital Sky Survey.
  • Seti@home - Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence
  • Universe@home - Investigate the fundamental problems of the Universe, which cannot be investigated in a laboratory. From the birth of stars to the utmost energetic supernova explosions.


Protect our aging population, and cure disease.

  • Drugdiscovery@home - Search for new drugs and treatments using brute force molcular interaction simulations.


Solve conjectures in number theory and cryptography.

  • Amicable Numbers - Search for new amicable pairs, which are two different numbers so related that the sum of the proper divisors of each is equal to the other number.
  • Collatz Conjecture - Help attempt to disprove the Collatz Conjecture.
  • Enigma@home - Decode the remaining WWII Nazi Enigma messages through brute forcing every possible combination of settings on the Enigma machine.
  • ODLK1 - OLDK is building a database of canonical forms of diagonal Latin squares of the 10th order
  • Nfs@home - Carry out the lattice sieving step in the Number Field Sieve factorization of large integers.
  • Numberfields@home - Search for fields with special properties. The primary application of this research is in the realm of algebraic number theory. Number theorists can mine the data for interesting patterns to help them formulate conjectures about number fields. Ultimately, this research will lead to a deeper understanding of the properties of numbers, the basic building blocks of all mathematics.
  • Primegrid - Advance mathematics by helping to find new prime numbers.
  • Srbase - Help solve Sierpinski / Riesel Bases up to 1030.
  • Vgtu Project@home - The distributed computing platform for scientists of Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (VGTU) as well as others Lithuanian academic institutions. Currently working on grillage optimisation (civil engineering).
  • Yafu - Help factorize numbers up to 140 digit length which are needed to bring Aliquot Sequences to a size of at least 140.


Advance humanity's understanding of life.

  • Gpugrid - is a distributed computing infrastructure devoted to biomedical research. Thanks to the contribution of volunteers, GPUGRID scientists can perform molecular simulations to understand the function of proteins in health and disease.
  • Rosetta@home - Design new proteins and predict their 3-dimensional shapes. Proteins are the molecular machines and building blocks of life.


Investigate the fundamental laws at their limits.

  • Lhc@home Classic - Advance particle and accelerator physics, and help researchers at CERN to improve the Large Hadron Collider (LHC).


These projects support a range of subprojects.

  • Citizen Science Grid - The Citizen Science Grid is dedicated to supporting a wide range of research and educational projects using volunteer computing and citizen science, which you can read about and visit on their webpage.
  • Tn-grid - This project investigates one of important topics in the bioinformatics, the causal relationship among genes. The algorithm presented in this research is tested on plants, namely Arabidopsis thaliana. In future, the algorithm are expected to be used in gene networks investigation in animals and eventually in humans. Eventually, the result of this research could contribute to the development of medical science to study gene causal relation in other species.
  • World Community Grid - Run by IBM, World Community Grid is a simple way to support cutting-edge research into important global humanitarian causes. Your computer or mobile device could be powering scientific research on health, poverty and sustainability. 
  • Yoyo@home - Help bring a range of mathematical research projects to a close.

Whitelisted Project Summary

Amicable NumbersMathematicsCPU + GPUModerate
Asteroids@homeAstrophysicsCPU + GPUModerate
Citizen Science GridUmbrella ProjectCPUModerate
Collatz ConjectureMathematicsCPU + GPUHigh
Drugdiscovery@homeMedicineCPU + GPUExtreme
Einstein@homeAstrophysicsCPU + GPUHigh
Enigma@homeMathematicsCPU + GPULow
GpugridBiologyCPU + GPUHigh
Lhc@home ClassicPhysicsCPUModerate
Milkyway@homeAstrophysicsCPU + GPUHigh
PrimegridMathematicsCPU + GPUModerate
Seti@homeAstrophysicsCPU + GPUExtreme
Tn-gridUmbrella ProjectCPUModerate
Vgtu Project@homeMathematicsCPUHigh
World Community GridUmbrella ProjectCPUHigh
Yoyo@homeUmbrella ProjectCPUModerate
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